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The FC200  centrifuge is a unit suitable for centrifuging metal chips, in order to recover the cooling lubricant used in the machining process.
It is suitable to treat only short chips by  continuous feeding.
In optimal conditions, the FC 200 centrifuge allows to obtain chips with a moisture content lower than 3%.
The actual efficiency of the FC 200 centrifuge, as well as the actual hourly production, depends on the chip characteristics, on the material, on the shape and the weight, as well as the starting humidity. The real efficiency could be confirmed by testing at the FAMA site. The new design of the FC200 centrifuge allows to easily replace the parts most subject to wear (shirts, outlet etc.)



- Made of sturdy metal and anchored to a thick and hard base, to give durability;
- Shirts-wear, easy to replace, to resist the hardest materials;
- Wear-resistance treatment of parts in contact with hard materials as steel, stainless steel, cast iron,…
- Electrical junction box and wiring;
- Anti-vibration system for vibration control;
- Inlet washing tap;
- Recovered oil/emulsion drain;

- Oil/emulsion drain hose (1 m).

- Treatment of wear parts in contact with the product, if highly abrasive chips;
- Measure base of sturdy metal to be anchored to the floor;
- Oil/emulsion collection tank with booster pump and level sensor (you can also install the wash pump on the tank);
- Dredging system to be applied to the tank for auto-cleaning of particulate;
- Electrical control panel.

The centrifuge FC200 for its small size and the low gap between the loading and unloading point, it’s well suited for applications on the machining machine. Can be installed directly to the exhaust evacuation of chip, to intercept the wet chip and return dry chip, recover and discharge oil directly into the machine.
As you can see in the picture is possible to apply a grid or a sieve to hold the pieces and prevent them from falling into the centrifuge.
More informations can be found in the datasheet.


















  Centrifuge FC202
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